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Scott Hawksworth

Scott A. Hawksworth
Founder of MFI

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The Multifamily Investor Podcast

Scott Hawksworth

Value-Add Strategies, With Jason Yarusi

Value-add multifamily deals can offer compelling returns for passive investors. However, not all value-add properties are created equal, and targeting the right distressed properties requires experience. Jason Yarusi, Co-founder of Yarusi Holdings, joins the show

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I believe opportunity zones are the best tax incentive in US history, and within that world, multifamily is red hot. Multifamily will have strong fundamentals for the foreseeable future... it's a sector with enduring appeal.
Tax-efficient wrappers can help multifamily investors to maximize their triple-net returns... There's good reason that UHNW clients and their advisors are allocating so much to multifamily in 2022.
Andy Hagans, co-founder of Multifamily Investor
Andy Hagans
Co-founder, MultifamilyInvestor.com