Multifamily Opportunity Zone Strategies, With Pinnacle Partners

What are the keys to curating a multifamily OZ project portfolio? This Multifamily Investor Podcast episode is a rebroadcast of a live webinar that was produced by The Opportunity Zones Database.

During this webinar, Pinnacle Partners announced their newest OZ Fund and provided insights on their approach to developing a successful multifamily portfolio, disciplined underwriting, and more.

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Episode Highlights

  • An industry update and where momentum is in the opportunity zone industry.
  • Why investors are seeking the tax benefits offered by Opportunity Zones.
  • The story behind Pinnacle Partners and their successful track record in multifamily OZ projects.
  • Why Pinnacle Partners think multifamily is the ideal product type for OZ investing, and a potential hedge against inflationary environments.
  • What OZ Markets Pinnacle targets for multifamily projects and why.
  • How Pinnacle Partners approaches underwriting.
  • Why touring comparable multifamily properties to determine rents for underwriting is so critical.
  • What benefits a disciplined approach and focus on refinancing a multifamily project can offer investors.

Featured On This Episode

Industry Spotlight: Pinnacle Partners

Since the inception of the Opportunity Zone legislation, Pinnacle Partners has been actively identifying and participating in qualifying real estate projects in attractive urban designated Opportunity Zones. Pinnacle is a source of strategic relationships for JV Partnerships with actionable opportunities in targeted Opportunity Zone markets.

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