Multifamily Investor Expo Preview, With Jimmy Atkinson

Interested in exploring potential multifamily investment opportunities from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you have an internet connection?

The Multifamily Investor Expo could be the perfect online event for you. Jimmy Atkinson joins this special episode to break down our upcoming event where several sponsors will be presenting their multifamily funds which are open to accredited investors.

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Episode Highlights

  • The story behind the Multifamily Investor Expo.
  • Who this expo is for.
  • How to register for the expo.
  • What expo registration costs (spoiler alert: nothing).
  • What types of sponsors will be presenting.
  • An overview of the agenda.
  • How attendees interested in multifamily investing stand to benefit from the show.

Industry Spotlight: Multifamily Investor Expo

Welcome to the Multifamily Investor Expo. This upcoming online event is designed to match passive investors with multifamily real estate funds that are seeking capital. Whether you’re a seasoned real estate veteran or just starting out, this event can help you find your next passive multifamily investment.

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The Multifamily Investor Podcast covers trends and opportunities in the multifamily real estate universe. Host Scott Hawksworth discusses attractive offerings in the space, including direct investments, DSTs, opportunity zones, REITs, and more.

Show Transcript

Scott: Hello, and welcome to a special edition of the “Multifamily Investor Podcast.” Scott here with you, and I am joined by Jimmy Atkinson who is the co-founder of And we’re going to be talking about an upcoming expo we have, the “Multifamily Investor Expo” which is an online event, and that’ll be February 22nd, 2022.

And we’re really excited about it. Jimmy, how are you doing today?

Jimmy: ‘m doing great, Scott. Thanks for having me on the show.

Scott: Yeah. Well, thanks for being here and, you know, this expo, again, we’re so excited about it, and I know you’ve done a number of these with your time with Opportunity Zones Database, a lot of pitch days, and this is going to be very similar to that. So can you kind of walk us a bit through what’s going to go down here with the Multifamily Investor Expo?

Jimmy: Absolutely, Scott. Yeah. And this does kind of build off of the work that we’ve done at over the past several years, we’ve had four different OZ pitch day events that I’ve hosted dating back to November of 2019 if I recall…no, November 2020. But this episode and this event is really going to be focused on multifamily, not really Opportunity Zone.

So this is on our new channel, And this event, I want to talk about who this event is for and maybe who it’s not for first of all before we get going. So really this event is geared, and I’m going to share my screen here in a moment, but this event is really geared toward individuals who want to be passive investors in a fund, not so much somebody who may want to buy a multifamily property and manage it directly, but somebody who is a high-net-worth, accredited investor who has $50,000 or more to place into a fund.

These funds have high minimums. Sometimes these are private investment funds that are not publicly traded securities, but they seek private investment from accredited investors only. And you are typically getting either a share of an investment in one property or, in most cases, I think in most of the funds that we’re going to be showcasing on this event, it’s going to be a diversified fund that have multifamily properties, either geographically focused or maybe nationally diversified.

So, Scott, any questions so far, and otherwise, I’ll share my screen and kind of walk people through what we’ve got cooking for this event which is taking place, I should mention, on February 22nd of 2022.

Scott: Right. No, I appreciate you breaking all that down, and especially, you know, who this is for, those accredited investors.

Jimmy: That’s right. So, well, let me show you guys what I’ve got going on here on the website. If you head to, I’m really just going to be going through what we’ve booked out so far. The event agenda is not 100% finalized yet. We’re recording this on February 4th. We’re still a couple weeks away from the event, but it is an online event.

So you just join via Zoom from the comfort of your home, or your office or wherever you may be.

Scott: Porch if you’re so inclined.

Jimmy: If you’re so inclined, exactly. Again, this is really just for accredited investors only as we mentioned here on the top of the page. But if you are an accredited investor and you have at least $50,000 to place, we would encourage you to register for this event. Why attend? What we’re going to be bringing to you on this event is some education on multifamily.

You’re also going to be able to compare pitches from, this says six different multifamily funds, but we’ve actually booked at least eight now, which is terrific. We’ve gotten better response to this than we thought. So this is going to be a pretty full event. We’re going to have live Q&A, so we’ll have different funds present their different investing thesis throughout the course of the day.

And if you attend the live portion of the event, you’ll get to ask your questions and get them answered. And then ultimately, this event is meant to be transactional. We want you to be able to find your next passive multifamily investment and get invested. Actually, you know, find a good investment and make that investment in a timely fashion. So here’s the registration form.

It’s pretty quick and easy. You know, we ask for your name, your email. On the Next section here, we ask you a couple other bits of information. We want to confirm that you’re an accredited investor and what your approximate investment amount is. Pretty simple process. Here’s our host of the “Multifamily Investor Podcast,” Mr. Scott Hawksworth himself…

Scott: Who’s that guy?

Jimmy: …kind of helping to showcase the event here, right?

Scott: And, Jimmy, just to jump in, it is free to register, correct?

Jimmy: It is free to register. It’s free to register for investors. We want to encourage as many accredited investors as possible to attend the event. So we’re not charging any fee to attend. The way we make money is we do charge the sponsors. We charge them a fee to give them this platform to be able to showcase their investment options to our audience who does attend just for full transparency there.

But if you’re just registering as an investor, totally free. And it does say that here, 100% online, 100% free, 100% easy to attend on any device. Of course, you can attend on your computer, your iPad, your iPhone, or other smartphone, what have you, as long as you know how to operate Zoom. And I think pretty much everybody listening to this call today, this episode today, is very familiar with Zoom by this point in time.

We’ve got a lot of great partners already lined up for the event. We’re probably going to add a few more before all is said and done. You know, CRE Development Capital, Origin Investments, Pinnacle Partners, Pintar Investment Company, Grubb Properties, elevate, GTIS, and DIG Real Estate are going to be joining us during the course of the event.

I’ll scroll down to the agenda and show you a little bit about what we have cooking for the day. So it’s about a half-day event. It’s not a full day. It is entirely online again. It’s just a big Zoom call essentially. And how we’re going to start it off is, you know, I’ll give a quick welcome address, and then I’m going to turn it over to Scott. Scott’s got a presentation on three keys to success.

I’m going to zoom in here so you guys can see this is a little bit better. He’s going to present multifamily investment strategies and the three keys to success for any passive investor. Three specific things that a passive investor multifamily should consider before writing a check to a multifamily fund.

And then we’ll start getting into our fund pitches. We’ll start with Origin Investments. They have a qualified opportunity fund, an Opportunity Zone fund, but they also have an assortment of non-OZ-specific multifamily real estate funds. They love multifamily. These guys are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and they invest not just in Chicago, but all over the country.

They have a lot of experience and I believe they’re going to be highlighting their growth fund. We’ll then hear from Elevate CIG. I’m not too familiar with them yet. They’re a new partner that just came to us in the last few days, but they have a multifamily fund that they’ll be presenting. Pinnacle Partners is an Opportunity Zone fund that they love multifamily. I think that’s pretty much all they do is multifamily investments.

They’re headquartered up in the Pacific Northwest, but they also invest throughout the country. I built a break in, right here, so I can grab myself something to eat. It’s a long day for me. So, a little break there.

Scott: I could, to jump in, Pinnacle Partners, folks who are listening, you may remember a few episodes ago, we re-hosted that webinar that Jimmy had hosted with Pinnacle Partners. So it’s awesome that they’re presenting as well.

Jimmy: That’s right. That was with Jeff Feinstein. And he’s going to be the one presenting at 11:20 a.m. Eastern time that day. Before we get back into the fund pitches, we’re going to kind of break up the day. We’ll have an educational segment right here, “Multifamily Investments in Opportunity Zones.” So if you’re a multifamily investor, you may or may not understand what Opportunity Zones are.

Maybe you’ve heard of them. Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you have a lot of experience with Opportunity Zones. Maybe you don’t and you want to learn more. I’m going to be giving a 15-minute presentation on how Opportunity Zones work essentially. It’ll be pretty much just a quick 101 intro to Opportunity Zones. Not going to try to get into too much detail, keep it pretty high level, but you’ll learn a lot more about Opportunity Zones and how it impacts multifamily investing specifically.

And then we’ll wrap up the day with our last five fund pitches, we’ll hear from Lawrence Jatsek at CRE Development Capital. He has a handful of Opportunity Zone funds investing in the Midwest. He’s got a deal down in Phoenix and he’s got a deal in Las Vegas as well. I’m not sure which one he’s going to be presenting.

He might not even know yet, but he’ll have some options for multifamily investors for sure.

Scott: He’s also going to…

Jimmy: Pintar…

Scott: …be a future guest on the show. So look forward to that as well.

Jimmy: Oh, very good. I’m glad to hear. Yeah, Lawrence is great. Pintar Investment Company is going to be coming in around 1:00. They are headquartered in Southern California. They have some multifamily deals. GTIS Partners is another Opportunity Zone operator, but they have non-OZ multifamily as well.

I got a chance to tour one of their newest properties in Las Vegas, Nevada, late last year. Tremendous property right next to where the symphony plays there. The new symphony building there on the north side of Las Vegas, north of the strip, more the downtown or arts district.

Grubb Properties will come in after them. They’re headquartered in North Carolina. They have a lot of multifamily deals, both OZ and non-OZ. And they’re concentrated specifically in the growing area of the Southeast region of the United States, North Carolina, South Carolina, and adjacent states.

And then we’ll round out the day with DIG Real Estate at 2.25 before we hop into our happy hour mixer. The happy hour mixer will be more interactive. We’ll get a chance to ask each other live Q&A. Think of it as going down to the bar at the hotel after a real conference. We can’t do that here, we’re online, right, but we’ll have a separate Zoom call where we can kind of break off into smaller groups and chat.

Maybe you can network with the fund managers or other investors at that time. So got another registration form here. And then we’ve got frequently asked questions here that you can go through. If you have any questions, there’s a good chance it’s probably answered here in this FAQ section. One question I get asked a lot is, “Hey, Jimmy, are you recording this?” And yes, we are going to be recording this.

So if you can’t attend the live event, maybe you’re unavailable on February 22nd, I would encourage you to register anyway because everybody who registers will get first access to the recordings that we have. We’re going to record the whole thing. We’re going to break it into these different segments. So if you just want to watch, you know, one or two of the pitches, you’ll have the opportunity to do that.

We’ll post them all to this website at, or you can go to All of the recordings will be posted here on this page probably about a day or two after the event. So, Scott, I’ll stop there and see if you have any questions.

Scott: Gosh, you know, Jimmy, I don’t think I have any questions. I think you really broke down what this event’s going to be all about and really the exciting things that are going to be happening. Really looking forward to it, looking forward to presenting myself and hearing your presentation. I know you’ve talked Opportunity Zones quite a bit, and I always enjoy getting the breakdown from you there.

Jimmy: Yeah, I’m looking forward to it, Scott. So, again, please, do head over to to register today for the event, especially if you are an accredited investor, if you’re seeking passive investment opportunities into multifamily funds, and you’ve got at least $50,000 to place. This event is specifically geared for you to present you with a decent list of options for you to take advantage of here in 2022.

Scott: Right. And that’s one of the biggest challenges when you’re considering multifamily investing is, how great is the team, how great is the project? And we’ve assembled just a fantastic list of presentations.

Jimmy: Absolutely, Scott.

Scott: All right. Thanks, again, Jimmy. Looking forward to it.

Jimmy: Thank you.