Earning Passive Income With Multifamily Investing, With Vertical Street Ventures

Multifamily can be a compelling sector for High Net Worth investors who seek to build passive income into their investment portfolio.

Ronnie Gou and Steven Louie from Vertical Street Ventures explain this and more.

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Episode Highlights

  • Why multifamily is a compelling sector for investors who want to build passive income.
  • The key reasons why multifamily may be a better sector for investors than single-family.
  • Biggest pain points for investors newer to multifamily.
  • Why Vertical Street Ventures is bullish on markets in Arizona and Texas for multifamily properties.
  • How Vertical Street Ventures constructed their portfolio across multiple property types and markets.
  • Intriguing trends in multifamily that investors should keep an eye on.

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Steven Louie and Ronnie Gou on the Multifamily Investor Podcast

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