The Impact Of Real Estate Syndication, With Whitney Sewell

As an asset class, real estate has the power to transform the lives of investors, owners, and renters in tremendous ways. Real Estate Syndication specifically provides investors with a way to passively generate income without having to actively manage a property. But what are the keys to having success and making a positive impact beyond the financial realm?

On this episode, Whitney Sewell, Founder of Life Bridge Capital LLC, and host of The Real Estate Syndication Show joins to share his inspiring real estate success story. Listen along as he offers insights on multifamily real estate, particularly how to have a positive impact on communities and more through it.

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Episode Highlights

  • What makes real estate syndication so powerful for investors, particularly those interested in the multifamily sector.
  • The story behind Life Bridge Capital, and how Whitney went from the armed forces, to a police officer, and finally a real estate success story.
  • How Life Bridge Capital partners with organizations to give back to their renters and local communities .
  • Why communication with investors is so crucial, and how Life Bridge Capital’s team approaches it the right way.
  • Whitney’s insights on multifamily property types he and his team find to be particularly exciting opportunities.
  • What Whitney would say to potential investors currently sitting on the sidelines to encourage them to consider multifamily investment.

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Life Bridge Capital is a syndicated multifamily investment firm that works with investors on strategically targeted multifamily properties. We offer investors exceptional returns through syndicated real estate investment opportunities, with an experienced, life-changing business model – gladly giving 50% of our profits to support orphans and their adoptive families.

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Show Transcript

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