Multifamily: The Quintessential Inflation Hedge, With Leo Backer

With the inflation rate hitting a 40-year high, many investors are looking for ways to protect their capital against runaway inflation. Multifamily real estate offers a powerful inflation hedge for those who are able to choose the right deals in the right markets.

Leo Backer, Managing Partner at Pinnacle Partners joins the show to discuss the multifamily strategy in their Opportunity Zones funds, and how multifamily is a strong asset class even amid economic uncertainty.

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Episode Highlights

  • The case for multifamily real estate investment as an effective inflation hedge. 
  • What some of the inflation-related challenges presented to Pinnacle OZ assets are, and how they have been navigated.
  • Why multifamily is such a popular asset class for Qualified Opportunity Funds.
  • Pinnacles has a multi-asset OZ-fund with “curated” products. What Pinnacle means by “curated” products in their multi-asset OZ fund.
  • An overview of effective deal sourcing strategy.
  • How the benefits of an early exit can outweigh the value of fully realizing the OZ tax advantages at the end of the required hold period.
  • How rising interest rates are impacting deal flow and approaches to leverage on multifamily assets.
  • What OZ locations Pinnacle prefers for their assets, and how they approach site selection.
  • Leo’s best piece of advice ever received for success in real estate.

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Today’s Guest: Leo Backer

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