About Us

Our values and mission: MultifamilyInvestor.com covers trends and opportunities in multifamily real estate investing. We help High Net Worth investors, family offices, RIAs & financial advisors, and industry service providers navigate the ins and outs of the multifamily landscape.

We believe that:

  • Multifamily real estate investments have the potential to provide enhanced risk-adjusted returns as a part of many investors’ overall portfolios.
  • All stakeholders in this investment segment — High Net Worth investors, RIAs & advisors, sponsors, and industry professionals — benefit from increased transparency and access to information.
  • We launched MultifamilyInvestor.com with the objective of helping our audience learn more about risks and opportunities involved in multifamily real estate investments.
  • We excel at investor matchmaking — connecting investors who have capital with fund sponsors that are seeking capital.

Founding & Team

MultifamilyInvestor.com was founded in 2021 by Jimmy Atkinson, Andy Hagans and Scott Hawksworth.

Scott Hawksworth is an entrepreneur based in Chicago, Illinois who believes that investor portfolios can greatly benefit from a significant allocation to multifamily. Wanting to create a podcast to cover the multifamily space, Scott teamed up with Jimmy Atkinson and Andy Hagans, the executive team at OpportunityDb, a leading resources in the Opportunity Zones space. Together, the three launched the MultifamilyInvestor.com website and related podcast in November of 2021.

Jimmy Atkinson
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Sarah Bass
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Andy Hagans
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Scott Hawksworth
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Michael Johnston
VP of Business Development
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